Wednesday, March 3, 2010

what's going on...

Well, it's been awhile. I'm looking forward to spring and summer and potential road trips. I've been keeping busy--painting the house, constructing icebergs, watching too much television. I've finally updated my website and I hope to continue doing so on a regular basis. I'm going to post some interior house shots as soon as I take some as well.
Just started two new far so good. Looks like I might end up working everyday but at least they are short shifts. When you're busy you get more stuff done, right? I hope to. Also, applied for an artist residency...fingers crossed...would love love love to do it...we'll see...only have to wait a month to find out. Hope to update my blog more often as well on Mondays/Wednesdays morning(s).
Also, started Ghost House Ink with Andy and Gian on superbowl Sunday. I need to get to kinko's to copy on acetate so I can burn some screens. Also, need to try a variety of different t-shirts to find a better fit. I'm very excited about making shirts with them! and prints on paper! Need to find some shows to submit to. i have a show at Morning Glory in July but that's kinda far away. Need somewhere to show the civil war hairs collaboration. Although, might be showing a few of them in Cleveland in October....which reminds me--I need to send Andy images.